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Please use the form below to contact H.B. Stone at Chi-Squared Mastering for any reason. If you wish to submit a project, please provide some information about your project: music or spoken word, genre, number of songs, etc. A secure FTP account will be created (for free) for each new client, but you do not have to use it.

Though you have your choice of FTP or standard mail when sending me your project, I will always send your final master and reference CDs via USPS unless instructed otherwise. If you do not need a physical disc, you can download your finished files from the same secure FTP site when they are available. Your FTP account is private, and all uploaded files will be deleted from the FTP server once they are no longer needed. Unmastered and mastered files are stored locally.

Each project includes all audio cleanup, editing/splices, fades in and out, all additional processing, one error-checked reference CD (for you to listen to whenever you like), and one error-checked master CD with PQ sheet. If you intend to send the master CD to a replication plant, you should not use the master disc for any other purpose. Before shipping the final product I verify that the master and reference discs correlate 100%.

The current mastering rate is $24 per song or non-music audio track. If you are a new client, your first song will be mastered for free. Consider it a trial period for future songs, or just consider it a good deal — either way, there's no further obligation on your part. A 50% deposit is required for paid projects, as per the satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy secure and flexible payment options by using any of the following methods: Google Checkout, Paypal, personal or business check, or credit card. Choose whichever is most convenient for you.

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FTP Login Information

Clients who have already established contact should have a username and password, along with instructions on how to use them. This will take you to your own personal client area where you can upload and download files via a secure FTP server. No other clients will be able to see your files. This method of transferring your project typically results in the fastest turnaround, since your files can be added to the queue immediately.