Why do you charge per song?

Studios are often booked by the hour. This makes perfect sense in a recording or mixing situation, as the amount of time spent may vary widely from session to session and from song to song. Mastering sessions are usually much shorter than either recording or mixing sessions, and in most cases the amount of time required does not vary too greatly. Another concern, especially among unsigned or independent artists, is that most or all of a project's budget might be gone by the time a song goes to the CD mastering engineer. This may result in a battle for time, with the artist trying to get the project done as quickly as possible, and the engineer trying to put the proper amount of effort into the final product.

Basing my costs on project size lets me take exactly as long as I need to perfect your audio (total turnaround is typically one to two songs per day), as well as work with multiple projects each day. There are no hidden fees — your cost includes all mastering and editing. Unless instructed otherwise, one error-checked master disc with PQ sheet AND one error-checked reference disc will be included for each project (whether that project is a commercial, a single song, a 12-track album, etc.). If you choose to listen to the master disc in a computer or consumer system, be extremely careful. If your system scratches or warps the master disc, your replication plant may return your CD as unusable. Before shipping the final product I verify that the master and reference discs correlate 100%. The reference disc is for you to listen to or burn personal copies from. Additional error-checked reference discs are available for $5 apiece (shipping included).