Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

When you choose Chi-Squared CD mastering, a 50% deposit is required before work begins. However, you need never pay the balance if you are not happy with the results.

What does this really mean?

I share your passion for quality music. You want your album to compete with anything it sits next to on the rack. If you're having a commercial or competition track mastered, it needs to be aggressive. A classical production should be free of distortion and place the listener in the front row of the concert hall. Your project should sound great and be as loud or as soft as you need it to be. To this end, I started this satisfaction guarantee. I will work hard to match your specifications, revision after revision. Change your mind after the third draft and want it all to go in another direction? No problem. Want to remix everything and send another copy for me to master? No problem. You are under no obligation whatsoever to pay the balance on your project until you decide it's done.

If you eventually decide you don't want the master at all, your balance will be forgotten. Obviously, I'd rather meet your needs to make us both happy, so let me know what I can do.

I have other questions...

They might be addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions pages. If not, please contact Chi-Squared CD Mastering with any questions or comments.